Systemic diseases such as arthritis & Diabetes  can affect the foot, it is necessary that a podiatrists monitor your feet for any degenerative changes.  The effects of these diseases can predispose sufferers to circulatory pathology and/or peripheral neuropathies.  This can result in nail and skin lesions, deformity of the feet and the increased incidence of ulceration.

The multiplicity of possible causes and complications demands a comprehensive method of examination in order to establish a sound diagnosis as a basis of treatment.  The podiatrist’s role entails much more than merely attaching a label to a condition.  It often includes the monitoring of circulation and neurological examination, using methods such as Doppler assessment and motor and sensory tests.

The manufacture of palliative and functional orthoses also aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure lesions or deformities, enabling individuals to maintain a more normal, active lifestyle.

Other patients can suffer from altered gait such as those who many have suffered a CVA (stroke), Syringomyelia, Arnold Chiari or other spinal injuries and complications.